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Rosa DeLauro: her money trail!

Your very own, step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide to DeLauro’s infamous

Campaign $Money $Laundering Scam! $$$

bags of money_Fotor_Fotor_Collage_Fotor

Over $1 MILLION in 2014 alone!

Notice that nearly $ 1/2 Million was “transferred” over to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC] in 2014.

This very SAME money then is laundered by the DCCC, through her hubby Stanley Greenberg’s business [aka Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.] for…”consulting”thereby returning ALL that cash right back into DeLauro’s own personal bank account!

Take a look! Page after Page after Page$Millions and $Millions over the years! 

Do the search yourself! Go to the Federal Election Commission [FEC] homepage: http://www.fec.gov/

In “FEC Search” box (upper right corner of page), type or copy/paste:

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.)

Are you starting to feel a bit 😡 ?


Go back to the FEC’s homepage: http://www.fec.gov/

Now, in the “FEC Search” box type or copy/paste ONLY:

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, Inc.

Now you can see Page-after-Page, $Thousands and $Thousands of ADDITIONAL money that DeLauro steers her way—via her hubby Stan Greenberg                                                                                                                                                                                                               —through DeLauro’s multitude of Crony connections!

~~ STAY WITH ME: This scam gets even BETTER!!! ~~  👿

DeLauro’s hubby formed a second “front”: a “non-profit” [I…can’t…stop…laughing…] called “Democracy Corp”, which provides additional [ahem]…”strategies” [if you know what I mean😉 ] for DeLauro and her cronies.

So here’s the Evil Brilliance of it! As a “non-profit” Rosa and Stanley are able to keep $Millions more under the FEC’s radar!

I mean, is Rosa DeLauro brilliant or what?! DeLauro and her husband are the

pointing fingerNational Super Heroes of Political Fraud and Corruption!   

 Yeah!!!!clapping hands

BUT pocketing THAT kind of cash simply isn’t enough to satisfy 72 year-old DeLauro’s unquenchable thirst for the most lavish, narcissistic  lifestyle.

Once a corrupt politician—like Rosa DeLauro—starts dipping into the till, it’s nearly impossible for DeLauro to stop! (Just ask ex-Gov., twice-convicted John Rowland…)

So, despite having personal wealth now exceeding $26 MILLION $$$:  http://www.legistorm.com/pfd_office/member/Rep_Rosa_DeLauro/203.html

DeLauro nevertheless used campaign money to pay  $13,519 last year to Federal City Caterers, which caters the lavish weekly gourmet banquets at her $2 Million mansion in Washington, DC. [More about that here:     https://rosadelauroexposed.wordpress.com/rosa-delauros-downton-abbey/ ]

DeLauro also spent $11,701 of campaign money in 2014 Alone at…….       Mohegan Sun Casino! BoxCars! Yes!!boxcars dice But not to worry: The Mohegan Tribe kicked back $2,500!

How’s THAT for a great discount on a good time at the ol’ casino??!!

She’s worth over $26 MILLION 

bags of money

—but DeLauro simply couldn’t resist getting $5,363 of 2014 discount coupons from—LivingSocial!

All essential “campaign expenses”, don’t you know  😉



—scam artists like Rosa DeLauro!!!

These con-artists have stolen YOUR government!

The legislative logjam in DC is a deliberate scam                                                                  —played out by BOTH Democrats and Republicans

—so careerist politicians like DeLauro can make excuses why they need                             “just one more term in office to fix things”.

DeLauro and her ilk are laughing all the way to the bank

while you, your city, your state, your country are going down the stinkin’ crap-filled

toilet clipart

Your government was meant to be run by Short-Term office-holders: regular “working folks” who TEMPORARILY leave their “regular jobs” to serve their country.

Programs like Americorp/Vista SHOULD be the model for what congress is SUPPOSED to be like: http://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-vista

INSTEAD, Your government has been hijacked by multimillionaires who have turned “public service” into SELF-service.

Next Election Day we must unite and                                                                                        put Rosa DeLauro’s self-enrichment scam to an end.

I know here in CT’s 3rd district that voting for a non-Democrat takes a MAJOR change in thinking and habits.

But we need to forget about “party loyalty”.

Because the “party” hasn’t been held on YOUR behalf for a Long, Long, Loooong time.

TWO REASONS to vote for DeLauro’s opponent:

  • They believe in Term Limits .
  • They are NOT Rosa DeLauro.

Whether or not you agree with ANY other idea he has, or ANYthing else he says,

those are the ONLY TWO reasons ANY of us need

to vote for Anyone-But-DeLauro.

And dump Rosa DeLauro on history’s trash heap of dishonorable corruption .

AND IF, in 2 years, the new Rep. turns out to have been a terrible mistake

then throw HIM out before he has a chance to create a massive crony network

—like the unethical, self-serving sinister network that DeLauro has crafted                        over the past 25 years.

It’s YOUR Government:

On Election Day 2016—TAKE  *  IT  *  BACK!   fist



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***HEY ROSA! We can’t have ‪#‎progress4women‬ and
we can’t have ‪#‎womensucceed‬ if you keep killing the
‪#‎AmericanDream‬ and if you keep killing ‪#‎Jobs‬ , I mean ‪#‎CTjobs‬ , ‪#‎GoodJobs‬ even right here in ‪#‎NHV‬ where ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ as well as ‪#‎Latinos 
#‎Hispanics‬ and Everyone else!

***And Rosa, if you keep destroying the ‪#‎MiddleClass‬ by your
‪#‎Corruption‬ ‪#‎Cronyism‬ ‪#‎CronyCapitalism‬ then there won’t even BE any jobs to ‪#‎RaiseTheWage‬ !
So, basically,
‪#‎IAmFedUpWithYourLiesAndCheating‬ and right now I’m sayin’
We just need ‪#‎1More‬ vote to ‪#‎RetireRosa‬ !

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[older post under construction:]

Only 5 years ago, Rosa DeLauro had a net worth of a “mere” $5 Million—thanks to Washington cronyism. Today Americans struggle to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression: lost jobs, foreclosed homes, retirement savings depleted. BUT NOT DELAURO—today HER net wealth has GROWN to an obscene $17+ MILLION! “Professional Politician” indeed! DeLauro pre-recession http://articles.courant.com/2006-10-12/news/0610120226_1_house-members-long-list-worth#  DeLauro post-recession! http://www.conntact.com/government/11691-rosas-not-in-the-red.html [Update: as of 2013 her net wealth has ballooned to $26 MILLION! http://www.legistorm.com/ ]

And HERE is the scam by which she stuffs her pockets–with campaign money! “Federal campaign records reveal a self-dealing relationship between a senior Democratic Connecticut congresswoman [Rosa DeLauro] and her husband’s political consulting firm…the funds DeLauro donates to help the DCCC [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee]” ultimately re-enter her household through her husband’s business, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research “for polling and other services…It’s not just a conflict of interest, it just looks bad. It looks like she’s raising money and giving it to herself.” [No kidding!] “..Rosa DeLauro has established a persona of being a champion of the safety net while at the same time being a champion of amassing great wealth for herself and her husband [Stanley Greenberg] during her tenure in office.” http://www.humanevents.com/2011/10/04/delauro-campaign-finances-raise-questions/

delaurochart-1Graph above illustrates how most of DeLauro’s re-election campaign donations are handed over to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [DCCC], most of which (and then some!) is used to fund “research” by pollster Stanley Greenberg—who happens to be DeLauro’s husband. So basically her political donors fund her luxury lifestyle. Being a multimillionaire crony, careerist politician—while accomplishing virtually NOTHING in over 22 years—is a pretty good deal. For DeLauro. But it stinks for the uninformed, duped voters who continue to re-elect her.

Speaking of the 1%, this video also partially reveals how Rosa DeLauro  increased HER net wealth c. $2 MILLION dollars PER YEAR during the current recession: http://governmentgonewild.org/thevideocongressdoesnotwantyoutosee  How much has YOUR wealth increased during the recession??


I’m wondering when Rosa DeLauro will release her tax return. (I just want confirmation that Government of the People has morphed into Government of the wealthy, self-dealing and insider-politically-connected.)


“Imagine this family budget: Last year, you earned $24,700. But you spent $37,900, incurring $13,300 in debt, and you were already $153,500 in debt. So you say, ‘I promise I’ll spend $300 less this year!’ Anyone can see that your cutback is pathetic and that you need to spend MUCH less—Yet if you add eight zeroes—that’s America’s budget!” Rosa DeLauro has been a major supporter of this kind of out-of-control spending for over TWENTY-TWO YEARS—while her own personal wealth has ballooned to over $17 MILLION. How much has this DeLauro-endorsed, wasteful government spending increased YOUR personal wealth???

DeLauro has voted to double the national debt in just four years. Not only has such foolish borrowing created an economic time-bomb, it also threatens our national security—since over 25% of our borrowing comes from China. When Moodys downgraded the US credit rating, China issued a warning that the US needs to get its financial affairs in order. Their next step easily could be to suddenly cut off our money supply. Then what? Economic meltdown? China doesn’t want that—but you can be sure they are planning political blackmail to keep the money flowing. DeLauro is simply too clueless and self-absorbed to be aware of this danger.  http://reason.com/archives/2012/02/23/politicians-fiddle-while-fiscal-crisis-l


“Political inaction committees…Rosa DeLauro, 69, has represented a New Haven, Connecticut-area congressional district since 1991, and when in Washington, D.C., she and her husband, pollster Stanley Greenberg, share a Capitol Hill row house. Located just a few blocks from the House chambers, it is ideally suited for entertaining her Democratic colleagues — something she and her leadership PAC do SEVERAL TIMES A MONTH. Less than a mile away sits Schneider’s of Capitol Hill, a liquor shop boasting eight full-time wine consultants and a variety of spirits originating in locales from Anguilla to Wales.

Using money from her Committee for a Democratic Future leadership PAC, DeLauro spent about $200,000 ON CATERING AND WINE FROM 2007 to 2010, almost exclusively at Schneider’s and Federal City Caterers, which lies two miles up Massachusetts Ave.

Formed in November 2001, the Congresswoman’s leadership PAC aimed to ‘assist marginal House incumbents’…SOME of the PAC’s spending has gone to that effort — though LESS THAN TEN PERCENT of disbursements ($27,500 out of $302,736), since the start of 2007. Another $900 went to pay an FEC administrative fine for failure to file a required disclosure report.

But about TWO-THIRDS of the PAC’s spending in that time [ABOUT $200,000!!] has gone to pay for FOOD AND DRINK for what DeLauro spokeswoman Kaelan Richards termed informal ‘policy dinners’ for the Congresswoman”. http://www.publicintegrity.org/2010/10/05/2460/political-inaction-committees-how-political-action-committees-are-spending-your 

It’s easy for Rosa DeLauro to theorize about solving hunger & poverty issues as she sits in her $1 Million mansion in New Haven (well, when she isn’t eating gourmet meals from Schneider’s & Federal City Caterers. I wonder what Federal City Caterers is serving tonight at the DeLauro/Greenberg townhouse in Georgetown? At least all of us can sleep restfully tonight, knowing that Schneider’s has chosen just the right wines to go with Rosa’s meal…)


Last  June DeLauro introduced legislation requesting an additional $128 million for the federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission, to help control “risky manipulation of derivatives”. If DeLauro is so concerned about regulating trading, why did she spend over 20 years in Congress before insider trading by members of Congress finally was outlawed only this past January? These reporters could have been asking Rosa DeLauro the same question: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504803_162-57323518-10391709/confronting-pelosi-on-insider-trading/


 Rosa DeLauro and her 22 year record: 30 Sponsored Bills, 0 (that’s ZERO!) Made Into Law; 270 Co-Sponsored Bills, 11 Made Into Law. For this, she gets an annual salary–paid for with your tax dollars–of $174,000!
So, besides 2011’s lump-sum pay-off the $1 Million mortgage on her 49 Huntington St. mansion–in New Haven’s most exclusive, most expensive Prospect Hill/East Rock neighborhood—what has she actually accomplished for YOU? https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/rosa_delauro/400103/report-card/2013#bills-reported http://www.opencongress.org/people/show/400103_Rosa_DeLauro
Politics is the Good Life—IF you can stay in office. And DeLauro will promise you anything to maintain the Good Life.

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” Mark Twain


Cronyism is the substitution of political influence for free markets. By shifting power to government, cronyism makes political power more important and increases the competition for that political power via campaign contributions. The way to reduce or end cronyism is to reduce or end that government power. And the way to end that power is to replace self-serving, crony, lifetime, career politicians—like Rosa DeLauro. Incumbents refuse to take action on the federal debt time-bomb—now over $50,000 PER CITIZEN—because to stay in power they must continue to make unsustainable promises to their supporters. For example, see Rosa DeLauro’s major contributors:

Rosa DeLauro is the ranking member on the LABOR, HEALTH, Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, where she oversees YOUR tax dollars spent on education, HEALTH, and LABOR. She also serves on the subcommittee responsible for FDA and agriculture, where she oversees DRUG and FOOD safety. So Check out her top contributors: LABOR & HEALTH-INDUSTRY related! Conflict of interest? She sure ISN’T representing YOU, the voter.  http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/pacs.php?cycle=2012&cid=N00000615&type=I [2014 update: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/pacs.php?cid=N00000615&cycle=2014 ]  http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/industries.php?cycle=2012&cid=N00000615&type=I [2014 update: http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/industries.php?cycle=2014&cid=N00000615&type=I ]

Out-of-state, special-interest PACs make up OVER HALF of her contributors! Which means she isn’t really representing YOU, the Connecticut 3rd District voter! In 2012 she raised over $1 Million to once-again buy her election. Her last opponent, in contrast,   raised only $60,000—but almost entirely from individual donors—real people! Who wanted a REAL representative! http://www.opensecrets.org/races/election.php?state=CT

How can DeLauro be an “objective representative” of anyone—but the contributors who essentially own her? http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/pacs.php?cycle=2012&cid=N00000615&sector=H&seclong=Health&newMem=N

No one will really understand Rosa DeLauro until they understand that DeLauro is not trying to solve your problems. She is trying to solve her own problems — of which getting elected–and re-elected–are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far, far behind.

The massive U.S. deficits  have been caused primarily by career politicians–like Rosa DeLauro–buying votes with giveaways to stay in power; and they will continue to put their own interests ahead of the taxpayer. The only solution is to impose term limits and fund campaigns from the public treasury exclusively. Until we fix the problem of the career politician, we will continue to have auctions instead of elections. The ongoing danger of the status quo is creation of a nation convinced that its standard of living is an entitlement and not an earned reward. Congress is mainly a self-serving, bought and paid for gang whose every move is motivated only by the goal of re-election.

For the same reasons that led to a two-term limit on presidents, we should apply the same restrictions to Congress. But YOU, the voter already have the power to impose term limits on Rosa DeLauro–by dumping her in 2014.


Another example of DeLauro’s crony profiteering : Rahm Emanuel, (Chicago mayor & former Obama chief of staff) as a House member lived for 5 years rent-free in an illegal D.C. basement apartment of colleague Rosa DeLauro. The townhouse—816 East Capitol St NE, Washington, DC 20002—is zoned & taxed as a 1-family dwelling, according to DC zoning administrators. For us lowly commoners, that basement apartment would raise obvious legal & property tax liability issues—but as a crony, careerist politician “DeLauro & friends” are able to keep such issues under the radar. The arrangement also violated congressional ethical guidelines, because Emanuel should have listed the apartment usage as income—and DeLauro should have listed it as a gift—on their congressional financial disclosure forms.  Tax experts estimated that Emanuel’s rent-free income for the five years he lived in the DeLauro/Greenberg apartment easily added up to more than $100,000—but again, thanks to crony politics, neither DeLauro nor Emanuel were investigated by the House Ethics Committee. http://www.menwithfoilhats.com/2010/06/white-house-chief-rahm-emanuels-free-rent-tied-to-bp-adviser/ http://gawker.com/5145553/rahm-emanuels-illegal-dc-basement-rental?skyline=true&s=x

Keeping it All in the Family: DeLauro introduced The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009—purportedly aimed at reforming the food safety responsibilities handled by the Food & Drug Administration [FDA]. However, the introduction of this bill represented an egregious conflict of interest: her husband, Stanley Greenberg, has a business relationship with agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto—the largest producer of herbicide-resistant, genetically modified organism seed [GMO, aka genetically engineered/GE], the largest producer of the herbicide Roundup and (until 2008) of bovine growth hormone.  Various FDA officials over the years have had positions with Monsanto. Completing this “triangle of deception”? Rosa DeLauro is chair of the appropriations subcommittee—that funds the FDA… http://www.greenbergresearch.com/index.php?ID=109 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsanto

Completing the Web of Crony Deception: The consulting & polling firm of DeLauro’s husband, Stanley Greenberg, was a prime architect of BP’s “greenwashing” i.e. rebranding as a “green” oil company—down to green signs with a sunflower logo and the slogan “Beyond Petroleum”—the same “green” company that created the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Greenberg’s company created a sister “political consulting” company named “GCS”.  According to published reports, GCS received hundreds of thousands of dollars in political polling contracts from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And who was the chairman of that Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dispensing huge, lucrative polling contracts to his kindly rent-free landlords, DeLauro and Greenberg?                                                                               Rahm  Emanuel!   Probably just an odd coincidence…

Thanks to such tactics, DeLauro is now one of the fifty richest members of Congress.                   http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/06/rahm-emanuel-bp-gul-oil-spill.html                                                                  http://www.prwatch.org/spin/2002/12/1608/bp-oils-200-million-greenwashing-campaign  http://www.prwatch.org/node/1608 http://washingtonexaminer.com/article/3314#.UEiXspbF2Hh  http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Sen-Blumenthal-is-One-of-the-Ten-Richest-in-Congress-128244983.html

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.” Pres. Andrew Jackson, 1832


“last year Medicare ran a $288.3 billion cash shortfall…the program has run cash deficits every year except 1966 and 1974. Advocates of the status quo [like DeLauro] argue that Medicare receives ‘general revenue transfers,’ but that’s government-speak for raiding the Treasury to spend other tax revenues. It’s the dramatic use of general-revenue transfers that has hidden Medicare’s true insolvency from the public and masked Medicare’s contribution to the national debt…the Medicare program needs structural reform and not just nibbling around the edges…A sensible solution would be to offer [future] Medicare beneficiaries the option of a defined-contribution program…it would secure Medicare for future generations.”    http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/296901/medicare-s-dirty-little-secret-douglas-holtz-eakin?pg=2

DeLauro’s “plan” to prevent Medicare’s impending bankruptcy? She has NONE! DeLauro claims that  Obamacare “strengthens” Medicare by eliminating co-pays for colonoscopies and mammograms, thereby supposedly cutting costs through prevention. Ask anyone who works in healthcare and is familiar with the cost of medical procedures—including, for example,  the surgeries and chemo that result from a post-colonoscopy or post-mammogram diagnosis—they will tell you that DeLauro is utterly delusional if she thinks that these preventive screenings are going to have any impact whatsoever on the cost of healthcare. Delauro claims “that the average senior would pay $6,400 more out of pocket under the [GOP] plan.” She is recycling numbers from an outdated Republican plan. Obviously the poor thing is having so much trouble keeping up, she really needs to consider retiring, so she can do the Georgetown Cocktail Party Circuit as a private citizen.

As the most recent Medicare Trustees’ report points out, compared with private insurance plans, Medicare payments to doctors are going to fall by half from 80% of what private plans pay to only 40% over the next two decades, thanks to Obamacare & DeLauro. Medicare hospital fees are less than 70% of what private insurers pay, and this percentage also will decline over time as well. The Medicare actuaries predict that one in seven hospitals will not survive these cuts, and that seniors will have increasing difficulty finding doctors who will see them. The  approach supported by DeLauro is inflexible–and catastrophic. Rather than directly helping physicians and hospitals to reduce their cost, Obamacare reduces their incomes and increases penalties which will drive doctors and hospitals out of business. If a provider is not paid at least the cost of a procedure, the provider simply will stop providing the procedure. This is the type of unique “DeLauro math” that led to the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal.

What we need is an approach that makes healthcare savings less painful by allowing market-based reforms instead of suppressing provider fees.

And DeLauro’s “plan” for preserving Social Security? From DeLauro’s own website: “Rosa
…has pushed for cost-of-living increases to Social Security “.  So, true to fashion, she panders for votes by highlighting her push for more spending—But DeLauro says
NOTHING about what must be done to keep this program from going broke!  Why? In her own words: “It will never become insolvent”. (She probably was a bit confused; she obviously meant that her personal portfolio of c. $25 MILLION will not become insolvent.)  Speaking of “confused”:


Without a fully-staged, carefully orchestrated appearance–reading from her ever-present 3-ring binder–she doesn’t have much to say, which is why it’s nearly impossible to find out when her next public appearance will be; without her script she becomes a blathering idiot: http://youtu.be/xTsa0PvQxRc


DeLauro’s message: vote for me and I’ll make sure government takes care of your every need. I’ll eliminate every incentive for self-improvement, since Big Government will do everything from pay your rent, pay for your food, and give you a job. We’ll pay for it by “taxing the rich” so that life is “fair” because “it’s the right thing to do”.

Now here’s part one of reality: if the IRS grabbed ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of incomes over $1 million, the take would be just $616 billion. That’s only a third of 2012’s deficit. Our national debt would continue to explode. It’s the spending, stupid. 2009 data show that  slightly more than 250,000 households made more than $1 million:  a total income of $727 billion. A 10% tax increase on these wealthy individuals would generate at most about $73 billion–which amounts to only 2 % of federal spending. The argument for taxing the rich more heavily is a desire to avoid the REAL solution: reducing the size and cost of government.

Part two of reality: lifetime, career politicians like Rosa DeLauro continually use the “I feel your pain” slogan to get re-elected—so they can use their political office as a personal, self-enrichment program.  For example, open a free account here http://www.legistorm.com/     and see what Rosa DeLauro is worth.  Only significant difference between May 2012 financial disclosure and May 2011 financial disclosure: her husband’s “John Hancock Retirement-Lifecycle 2015” account is worth c. $1 Million less than it was the previous year. (Compare page 4 of each report.) That’s because it was cashed out in 2011. (See page 6 of May 2012 disclosure.) Where did all that money go?? They PAID OFF the $1 Million mortgage on their New Haven mansion at 49 Huntington Street!!  (See page 7 of May 2012 disclosure.) Don’t you wish YOU could pay off YOUR $1 Million mortgage that easily? And still be worth over $25 Million! (not including real-estate values, which are not required on this form).

I have to admit, I actually have a certain admiration for Rosa DeLauro. She’s managed to operate this self-enrichment program that she & her husband operate for over 22 years! She can reliably count on 3rd district voters to vote along party lines—without questioning the candidate’s integrity. They don’t call this state “Corrupticut” for nothing.

DeLAURO’s RANT: “Big Oil”, “Big Agriculture”

Corporate welfare exists because of the quid pro quo relationship between politicians (both Dem & GOP) and their corporate campaign donors. DeLauro suggests cutting oil subsidies, because the nasty oil CEOs haven’t donated to her campaign. She suggests cutting agribusiness subsidies because they cut their donations from $154,950 in 2010 to a measly $35,900 in 2012. Tsk, tsk. She promotes government-subsidized construction projects, because construction unions are her biggest donors. She promotes government-subsidized healthcare because the health-services industry is her 2nd biggest donor. What a remarkable coincidence! Reality: DeLauro is a self-serving, bought and paid for career politician whose every move is motivated only by the goal of re-election.

DeLauro re. “Big Oil”

DeLauro: To balance the budget “eliminate $4 billion in subsidies to the oil companies.” Factcheck: They receive NONE! What oil programs account for that $4 billion “subsidized” figure she keeps repeating (from her ever-present 3-ring binder)?

  • $1 billion for the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve;
  • $1 billion in tax EXEMPTIONS [not a “subsidy”] for farm fuel;
  • $.5 billion for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program;(So DeLauro wants to massively expand food stamps–but would cut winter heating assistance to the poor.)
  • $1.7 billion per year in manufacturer’s tax deductions, defined in Section 199 of the IRS code—a credit designed to keep manufacturing in the U.S.—but not specific to oil companies. (So apparently DeLauro would like to see more US businesses move overseas.) For most manufacturers this tax credit is 9%. Oil companies only get a 6% credit; their refineries are here, so they’re less likely to move production overseas. We need someone in Congress who deals in facts—not fiction. We also need a Representative who can do basic arithmetic–so we finally can get the federal budget under control. DeLauro has failed on both of these points–for over 22 years!


DeLauro lies repeatedly to manipulate voters—because reality exposes what a scam artist she is: her “Paycheck Fairness Act… is based on a misapplied statistic, that women earn 77 cents on a man’s dollar. This is true when comparing all women’s wages with all men’s wages, but not when comparing men and women with the same experience in the same job. The 77 cent statistic combines men and women who work in different jobs with different numbers of hours.” http://www.usnews.com/debate-club/should-the-senate-pass-the-paycheck-fairness-act/paycheck-fairness-act-is-based-on-a-misapplied-statistic


Welfare reforms, signed into law by President Bill Clinton, were far more sweeping than 2 percent cuts proposed by the Ryan Budget, which DeLauro claims is “immoral”.  Not only did doomsday predictions not occur under Clinton, but welfare rolls were dramatically reduced –not by casting anyone into the street, but by increasing the number of young women on welfare who actually work.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, 18 million Americans received SNAP benefits in 2000.  Spending on this program increased 100 percent from 2001 to 2006—a period when there was no increase in the rate of unemployment—but when DeLauro was in office.   Child poverty grew 18 percent in the United States between 2000 and 2008—before the recession—but while DeLauro was in office. By 2011, the number of Americans receiving SNAP benefits had nearly tripled to 45 million—one in seven Americans. And DeLauro is STILL in office!! Three-fourths of recipients are “categorically eligible,” which means they automatically qualify by virtue of participating in some other federal or state welfare program such as Section 8 housing vouchers.
At one time, recipients received their food-stamp benefits in dollar-denominated paper vouchers presented at the cash register. Now benefits come on a debit card, thus removing any perceived stigma of being on food stamps. And the fact that SNAP funds are provided by the federal government, but administered and spent by the states, is a proven formula, as in Medicaid, for massive spending growth. This is what makes the safety net economically unsustainable—so that ultimately assistance will be available to no one. Here’s the “food-stamp-world” that DeLauro seeks: http://www.urbancure.org/lifeofblackjulia/
Payed for with YOUR taxes.

The path to end this waste—and to stop the creation of yet another generation of youths who are dependent on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation”—is to get rid of Rosa “the food-stamp queen” DeLauro.


Delauro has fought for passage of a Jobs Bill. REALITY: A job is something that a BUSINESS creates. A government-created job is a temporary “contract”. It ENDS at a certain point. Government “jobs programs” only create TEMPORARY jobs—at HUGE expense to taxpayers—because over 40% of federal spending now goes to pay just the interest on programs like this.


DeLauro claims that she “has worked to increase opportunities for green job creation”. REALITY: Government doesn’t “create” green jobs. (Has DeLauro forgotten the Solyndra Solar scandal?) Such spending merely takes money out of YOUR pocket via taxes—and  gives it to others to pay for their solar installations—while removing any incentive for industry to create cheaper solar panels. The only thing “green” about this are the wasted dollars coming out of your pocket.

DeLauro has called for a rapid move toward investment in biofuels, i.e. US government subsidized ethanol made from corn. Apparently DeLauro hasn’t kept up with the fact that US ethanol production has contributed to famine world-wide, particularly where corn is a food staple, and that the 2012 drought means that ethanol production will make global food shortages even worse.

DeLauro has repeatedly said she would balance the federal deficit by “ending subsidies to big oil”. REALITY: the U.S. oil and natural gas industry does not receive “subsidies” from the government to produce oil and gas. However, there are many provisions in the tax code that allow ALL companies—including the oil & gas industry—DEDUCTIONS to recover costs. In contrast, the U.S. squandered $90 billion in SUBSIDIES & LOANS to the wind and solar power industry via 2009’s American Recovery and Investment Act, aka “stimulus”. In the first year of this “green” stimulus, an estimated 79% went to foreign nations, including Babcock & Brown, which went bankrupt just 2 months after the stimulus. Add to this list of bankruptcies: Beacon Power which went bankrupt 1 year after a $43 Million federal loan, only two months after Solyndra went under with a $535 million loan. More “subsidized bankruptcies” listed here: http://environmentblog.ncpa.org/green-energys-bankruptcy-blackout/ http://blog.heritage.org/2012/10/18/president-obamas-taxpayer-backed-green-energy-failures/?fb_action_ids=10151080618662761&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582 http://gma.yahoo.com/signs-solyndra-fisker-lays-off-75-percent-employees-200604719–abc-news-topstories.html http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/nov/5/another-black-eye-for-obama-agenda-on-clean-energy/

Not only do oil companies employ more people & pay higher taxes than wind and solar companies, but their profit margins are well below other industries, earning only about 1.5 % profit per gallon of gasoline sold. Federal and state governments add over 30% of the price of gasoline to the consumer in taxes: more than 20 times what oil companies make in profit.The wind industry shed 10,000 jobs since 2009 at the same time the energy capacity of wind farms had doubled. Meanwhile, the oil & gas industry added 75,000 jobs.  The 1992 Production Tax Credit for renewable energy is worth $1.2 billion for wind production that actually INCREASES the electricity bill of consumers. By contrast, oil & gas companies pay $26 billion a year in federal & state corporate income taxes. Ironically, traditional energy suppliers using coal & gas must be maintained fulltime to provide electricity whenever wind & solar power falls below its promise to generate electricity—which happens much of the time. With a federal debt of c. $17 Trillion, it is time to end ALL subsidies and loan guarantees based on borrowed money.  And it’s time to end the careers of lifetime, crony, political hacks who support such government waste—political careerists like Rosa DeLauro. Americans continue to be deceived by  Rosa DeLauro. She perpetuates policies that are impoverishing Americans and putting the security of the nation at risk. Which is why she needs to be turned out of office.


Rosa “out-of-touch-with-reality” DeLauro has proposed raising the federal minimum wage in three stages to $9.80 per hour: an increase of 35% over the current level. Studies project job losses in the range of 256,000 to 768,000 following a wage hike of this magnitude, according to Employment Policies Institute, a nonprofit research organization focusing on employment growth, with emphasis on issues that affect entry-level employment. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that of employees working at or near the current minimum wage of $7.25, nearly 50% are UNDER age 25; 43% work in food prep & serving occupations [e.g . fast-food restaurants], where profit margins are low. The result will be loss of hours, employment, or both. Among teens, the unemployment rate is already 23.8% nationwide. Rosa “clueless” Delauro: proposing legislation to increase unemployment.


Rosa DeLauro promised us that ObamaCare was not a tax. The Supreme Court has now said it is a tax. We were lied to by DeLauro. DeLauro [re. individual mandate]: “Why should everybody else pick up their health care tab? That really isn’t fair.” But, according to the Supreme Court ruling, the individual mandate is only legal because, according to their interpretation, it’s a “tax”—so everybody IS picking up the tab! More on this tax increase on the middle class:

Formerly there was a $5,000 Federal limit on contributions to your employer’s healthcare flexible spending account (FSA): amounts you contribute to the FSA plan are subtracted from your taxable salary. However, starting in 2013, the maximum annual FSA contribution for each employee is capped at $2,500. (Rosa DeLauro “forgot” to tell you about this tax increase.)

Formerly you could claim an itemized deduction for medical expenses paid for you, your spouse, and your dependents—to the extent the expenses exceed 7.5% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). However, starting in 2013, the amount is raised to 10% of AGI. Mercifully, if either you or your spouse is age 65 or older at year-end, the 10%-of-AGI threshold will not take effect—until 2017. (Remember, Seniors, DeLauro “forgot” to tell you about this tax increase also.)

Hospitals like Yale-New Haven had already agreed to support $155 billion in Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement cuts nationwide over the next decade as part of ObamaCare deliberations. Then, after the law passed, the Congressional Budget Office came out with a revised projection—that even more cuts would be needed to keep the system solvent.
Very few specialists take Medicaid because Medicaid pays so poorly. And the main way in which ObamaCare is being funded is by reducing payments to healthcare providers even more. Thus, in general, it’s only at government subsidized clinics and academic medical centers where Medicaid patients get care. The ‘individual mandate’ requires virtually all citizens to buy health insurance meeting minimum federal standards or pay a tax [“fine”] if they refuse. That’s what ‘Health Care Reform’ REALLY means. The NON-PARTISAN Congressional Budget Office on Obamacare: “the March 2012 estimate indicates that those provisions will increase deficits by $1,083 billion…Fewer people are now expected to obtain health insurance coverage from their employer or in insurance exchanges; more are now expected to obtain coverage from Medicaid.” Thus jobs that could be full time will remain part time or be reduced to part time so employers won’t have to provide insurance. Result: more people shifted over to Medicaid clinics—the socialized medicine of the future. Even someone as reckless and foolish as DeLauro should have seen this coming!
Politicians who lie—like Rosa DeLauro—must be removed from office.

Meanwhile, be sure to get ready for the 16,000 IRS cops needed to enforce the ObamaCare individual mandate (Oops! Rosa DeLauro also “forgot” to tell you about this): http://youtu.be/IypMZTs6JSk

“We possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders—who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them.” The Supreme Court, June 28, 2012

So the best way to dump this budget-busting, deceptive, tax-disguised-as-healthcare? —dump Rosa DeLauro!

We need a safety-net that is SUSTAINABLE—so it will be there for ALL of us—when we need it. And the impending bankruptcy of these programs is what Rosa DeLauro refuses to deal with.

The US spends more per capita on health care than any other developed nation—yet our health outcomes are worse. Republicans AND Democrats both agree that the status quo in health care is unacceptable. We need reforms that equalize the tax treatment of health insurance, preserve Medicare and Medicaid—and invite TRUE competition. Because competition among “product producers” ALWAYS has been the single factor that ultimately reduces prices—NOT government control. We don’t need a government board of 15 unelected government officials who decide whether or not you get your medical treatment (and whose decisions surely will be determined by crony, back-room paybacks).


Every time Rosa DeLauro comes up with a new dumb-ass idea, she personally should fund its implementation. (Since her personal wealth now exceeds $25 Million, she certainly can afford to do so.)  Where in the Constitution does it give the Federal  Government the right to practice social engineering? People need to control how they spend in terms of needs and wants: needs like food, water, shelter, etc., rather than wants like soda, candy, etc. But according to DeLauro, it’s society’s fault—not the person’s fault—for wasting money on something they don’t need, like soda. So, according to DeLauro, let’s tax the crap out of people so they’ll reform their dietary habits. (Meanwhile I wonder if she realizes how unhealthy her gourmet meals are from Schneider’s & Federal City Caterers.)

Government is slowly taking away our freedoms, as if we are all too stupid to make decisions for ourselves. The problem with DeLauro is she doesn’t know when to stop. So the best way to stop her is to retire her in 2014.


Obstructionist Rosa DeLauro voted AGAINST this: “Audit the Fed” which passed the House July 25, 2012 in a 327-98 vote. The demand to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding the Federal Reserve was so massive that nearly HALF the Democrats in congress—but NOT DeLauro—voted to lift the curtain on Bernanke’s manipulations of our economy. Those who voted against this bill—e.g. DeLauro—did so to continue bailouts of the politically-connected, endless spending, and to continue devaluing our currency with debt. Those who voted against the measure to audit the Federal Reserve claimed the audit was a grope for more Congressional control. Thus, for the amusement of all, I present you a video of Democratic Senator Harry Reid—calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve in 1995: http://youtu.be/oXOsZ7Ad7dM (In 1995 Rosa DeLauro was only 5 years into learning the ropes about groping for self-enriching, crony political power in the House of Representatives.)


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” from First Amendment to the United States Constitution

In all the debate re. First Amendment Religious Liberty violations of the Health & Human Services Mandate [specifically as applied to religious institutions] the “fake economics” is being overlooked: “Why should the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) decree that ANY of us must pay for ’insurance’ that covers contraceptives? Insurance is supposed to mean a contract, by which a company pays for large, UNANTICIPATED expenses in return for a premium: expenses like your house burning down, your car getting stolen or a big medical bill…There are good reasons that your car insurance company doesn’t add $100 per year to your premium and then cover oil changes, and that your health insurance doesn’t charge $50 more per year and cover toothpaste…you’d end up spending more… How did we get to this point? It all leads back to…the tax deductibility of employer-provided group insurance… Why did HHS add this birth-control insurance mandate[?]…To ‘increase access to important preventive services,’… Notice the DOUBLESPEAK confusion of ‘access’ and ‘cost.’ I have ‘access’ to toothpaste because I have two bucks in my pocket and a competitive supplier. Anyone who can afford a cell phone can afford pills or condoms. Poor women who can’t afford birth control are a red herring in this debate. HHS isn’t limiting this mandate to the poor anyway. WE ALL HAVE TO PAY. The very poor typically don’t have employer-provided health insurance in the first place. ‘Allowing women to space their pregnancies’? Was there some sort of federal ban on birth control before this?… [Americans] prefer a new iPod to a ‘wellness visit’ to the doctor. As the HHS unwittingly admits: ‘Often because of cost, Americans used preventive services at about half the recommended rate.’… There is a liberal dream that by mandating coverage the government can make something free… HERE’S A GOOD MANDATE: Let’s mandate that every time a government official [like Rosa DeSpenda DeLauro] says that the government is going to ‘help’ some category of voter, he or she has to say who they are going to hurt in the same sentence. Because it has to be someone… Sure, churches should be exempt. WE SHOULD ALL BE EXEMPT.” http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=14093

The HHS mandate—avidly supported by DeLauro—is primarily NOT about Catholics or other religious groups, women’s rights or the First Amendment. It primarily is about the kind of illogical economics, Big Brother government interference, and entitlement-focused legislation that has characterized DeLauro’s 22+ years in office—and that is ruining our economy and our country.

DeLauro: “The church does not have to pay anything.” Actually it DOES. It has to pay for an insurance plan that violates its teachings. When is it suddenly government’s business to regulate the practice of any religion? Or to override the First Amendment?

Which is why it’s unconstitutional: http://www.mrctv.org/videos/congressman-gowdy-grills-secretary-sebelius-hhs-mandate-04262012

DeLauro: the “fake Catholic”.  DeLauro: “Our [Catholic] faith… informs and strengthens that belief in social justice and a sense of moral obligation…The Ryan budget does not address debt nor fiscal responsibility. What it does is take care of the very wealthy at the risk of the middle class and people who are poor. That is contrary to Catholic teaching… You can’t just pick and choose where you want to make your voice heard… We don’t learn our values from the [Catholic religious] institution. We learn it through the culture of our homes and in the religion of our family. That informs the kind of public policy that we initiate and craft.”

Yet DeLauro DOES “pick and choose” in terms of Catholic teaching. She is one of the most anti-Catholic members of Congress due to her support of the anti-Catholic HHS mandate. Her position regarding life ethic issues is described by Catholic bishops—and the Pope himself—as “intrinsically evil”.

Regarding debt & “fiscal responsibility”, Ryan’s plan would  actually increase federal spending over the next ten years, from about $3.6 trillion this year to just under $4.9 trillion in 2022. The $5 trillion in “cuts” are merely reductions from the much-higher spending anticipated by President Obama’s budget. (See tables starting on page 88.) Ryan’s plan merely SLOWS the growth in federal spending over the next 10 years—a slower growth than the unsustainable, irresponsible plan which DeLauro supports. http://paulryan.house.gov/uploadedfiles/pathtoprosperity2013.pdf

The Medicare cuts in Obamacare will slash payment rates for hospitals, so much so that the chief actuary of the program has warned repeatedly that the cuts will jeopardize access to care for seniors. He has estimated that by 2030, some 25 percent of hospitals and nursing homes would need to drop out of the Medicare program to avoid the large financial losses that result from getting paid at Medicare rates.

Thus, it would seem that DeLauro’s reference to “the religion of our family” which “informs the kind of public policy that we initiate and craft” is not very Catholic in terms of social justice and moral obligation FOR ALL.

If she is pro-choice or if she is in favor of government interference in the practices of religious institutions, so be it. But she needs to stop prefacing her statements with “As a committed Catholic”–Because  she isn’t. Catholic League president Bill Donohue: “Rep. DeLauro is the enemy of the poor, thus she has no moral leg to stand on. She has worked to kill school vouchers for children with disabilities and has voted against scholarship grants for African American students in D.C.” Indeed, when one studies her voting record of the past 22+ years, the “religion of her family” can only be characterized as a form of secular humanism combined with situational ethics—both of which are utterly antithetical to Catholicism. And when one takes a closer look at the crony political deals that have made her a multi-millionaire, it would seem apparent that self-enrichment is an important tenet of DeLauro’s particular “family religion”. “Cardinal Bergoglio [now Pope Francis I] clearly stated that being disallowed holy communion was a consequence for those who facilitated an abortion—politicians included.” http://liveactionnews.org/pope-francis-i-clear-on-denying-communion-to-those-who-facilitate-in-abortion/ Raymond Cardinal Burke: “The United States of America is a thoroughly secularized society which canonizes radical individualism and relativism, even before the natural moral law…Catholics in public office bear an especially heavy burden of responsibility to uphold the moral law in the exercise of their office which is exercised for the common good, especially the good of the innocent and defenseless. When they fail, they lead others, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, to be deceived regarding the evils of procured abortion and other attacks on innocent and defenseless human life, on the integrity of human procreation, and on the family…” http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/holycom/denial.htm

And DeLauro’s “War on Women” rant? Sandra Fluke Timeline: She attends a Catholic University.  She knows that Catholic institutions will not cover abortion or birth control—but attends anyway. Turns the tables on the issue by complaining that the Catholic University won’t cover her birth control pills—so government needs to force religious institutions to pay for anything they consider to be in opposition to that particular religion’s teachings.  Rosa DeLauro then uses Fluke as a poster-child victim of the “War on Women”, completely twisting the issue into “Republicans want to ban birth control!” The media then jumps on the bandwagon.   Conclusion: Fluke is a complete dimwit. And DeLauro is a conniving opportunist—creating an “issue” that doesn’t exist, purely to maintain her ill-begotten wealth and power.

RAMIFICATIONS: if government decides circumcision is unhealthy or barbaric, Jews will be banned from this practice. When the military draft is re-instated, Quakers and Amish no longer will be exempt. If DeLauro’s FDA decides that foods labeled Kosher are bad for you, they’ll be removed from the market. Get the idea?


Rosa DeLauro was indoctrinated at the Fabian London School of Economics. History of [Fabian] London School of Economics:  “the decision to found the school was made at a breakfast party on 4 August 1894. All believed in advancing SOCIALIST causes”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_London_School_of_Economics  “The Fabian Society is a British SOCIALIST organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic SOCIALISM via gradualist and reformist, rather than revolutionary, means.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabian_Society

The fact that Delauro was indoctrinated [i.e. graduated from] here—obviously  explains her long history of legislative obstructionism—and her ultimate agenda. (Ah, but typically the super-wealthy like DeLauro wouldn’t benefit from a Socialist Regime, you say. However, the elite ruling class typically has special privileges. For example, do a Google image search of “hu jintao limousine”. Also do a search of “Rosa DeLauro + Joelle Fishman”…)


for a Connecticut 3rd district voter, what ARE the issues? An unacceptably high unemployment rate —that hasn’t changed significantly in 4 years; deficit spending and an exploding federal debt that will be the ruination of this country—and THESE are the very issues that Rosa DeLauro not only refuses to address—she has been a MAJOR contributor to these problems. She can blather endlessly about an imaginary “war on women”—but the REAL issues are debt, debt, debt; destroying jobs, jobs, jobs. Solution in 3rd District? Replace useless, crony, career-politician DeLauro with someone with integrity who is committed to actually working on these issues.

DeLauro utterly lacks integrity.  For example, she recently lied to the strikers at the nearby HealthBridge nursing home by saying that she would get the government to pay them unemployment benefits. She knows perfectly well that this is not possible—but strikers cheered at her words, creating a great photo op for DeLauro. How dishonorable—and dishonest—can you get? DeLauro’s  game-plan always has been to be divisive and extremist. DeLauro consistently objects to just about ANY cuts in Federal spending, but makes promises to uninformed voters, promises which she cannot possibly keep, that she’ll get funding for whatever their hearts desire. She is the Master of Deception.

As long as Rosa DeLauro remains in office, our economy will continue to stall, the jobless rate will remain unacceptably high and safety-net programs like Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt. How can DeLauro be an “objective representative” of anyone—except those campaign contributors who essentially own her? Until we fix the problem of this career politician—by getting rid of her—we will continue to have auctions instead of elections. The danger of keeping DeLauro in office is expanding the notion that our country’s standard of living is an entitlement—not an earned reward. DeLauro is a self-serving, bought and paid for careerist—whose every move is motivated only by the goal of re-election.

It’s time to have a REAL representative in Congress.

“A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”   Thomas Jefferson

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