Rosa DeLauro’s very own ‘Downton Abbey’!

is located at  816 East Capitol St NE Washington DC 20003 

DeLauro_Greenberg_mansion tinified





Valued @ over $2 Million (by Zillow. com)

But assessed, in name of her husband Stanley Greenberg, at merely $1,770,580.00 

DeLauro_Greenberg_mansion_assessment_tinified_89 Property ID = Square: 0919;  Leave “Suffix” blank; Lot: 0041 ]

DeLauro spends $1.2 MILLION per year on staff alone. 

Her regularly-scheduled gourmet banquets for the Washington elites are catered by Federal City Caterers: “When Taste Matters”

But DeLauro only trusts Schneider’s with the wine selection, because 73 year-old Rosa DeLauro, after 25 years in the same office, understands the value of good taste.”

Her gourmand fests are disguised as political action committee expenditures”

because DeLauro wouldn’t want voters to know that they’ve been supporting an out-of-touch, aristocratic lifestyle for Twenty-Five years!

And when DeLauro isn’t busy preparing menus or all the other details that make for a palatial, opulent banquet, or providing an illegal rent to her cronies–like Rahm Emanuel:


DeLauro simply can’t resist the typical narcissistic need of the nouveau riche to flaunt her wealth whenever leaving her mansion that isolates her from the real world where the rest of us lowly 99 percenters live.

Thus, she will don one of her $1,000 outfits of high-end, custom clothing and jewelry







and make videos—for a vacant Capitol building:


Even members of her own party quietly will vacate the House chambers when she is about to blather!

DeLauro: “It’s about your values and who you are”. Income “inequality threatens the very existence of the Middle Class”.

Thus, by carefully honing her phony façadewhile condemning herself with her very own words!DeLauro has amassed personal wealth now exceeding $26 MILLION ]

By laundering campaign donations through her husband’s business—and right back into her own pocket:                                                                            

And to keep this game going?

All DeLauro has to do is

  • avoid talking off-script: ]
  • respond to the latest “crisis”—for which she frequently bears at least partial responsibility—by introducing useless, poorly written legislative proposals, which never even leave committee—regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans hold the majority in the House of Representatives
  • promise an unsustainable supply of free govt servicesDeLauro freestuff collage





  • make occasional, carefully-scripted public appearances
  • and have her huge staff issue “statements” comprised of fabricated, deceptive “statistics”—solely for the purpose of intimidating and polarizing voters.

All this, just to maintain DeLauro’s sole function:

To serve as a “symbolic mouthpiece” for a few causes” or “ideologies”—supported with massive funding, by out-of-state PAC power-brokers:


For $26 Million it’s been a pretty good charade.

I wonder when VOTERS finally will figure this out?…

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